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Lily, “Hometown Hero” in Denver Daily News May 7, 2009

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Hometown hero
Denver woman helps improve lives in Kenya
Joshua Wolpe, DDN Staff Writer
Thursday, May 7, 2009

Grand ideas are easy to come by, but seeing them through is less so. Lily Muldoon’s grand idea involved overhauling the health, sanitation and education systems of Kayafungo, a sprawling series of 25 villages in Kenya comprised of 40,000 people. Her quest to see that idea come to fruition led her on an odyssey that would change her life forever. Continue reading the article…


A Forgotten Glass Ceiling: A Safe Drink of Water May 5, 2009

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Below is an excerpt from an article published by friends of SMRC at Water Advocates. Their argument focuses on the incredible burden that girls and women face in collecting water for their families.

There is a photograph that travelers inevitably take when they go to a developing country — a picture of a woman carrying a large container of water on her head. The woman’s posture is ramrod straight, the envy of runway models everywhere, and her face rarely betrays the amount of effort and strength this task involves. Most times this photo is taken because it is a stunning and moving image of a woman’s strength and beauty. Read the full article here.