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Student Movement of Real Change: Celebrating women around the world this Mother’s Day

I Dare you May 7, 2009

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I Dare You is a powerful video created by The Gift Effect that challenges people rethink what being a girl means in developing countries. The video shows that all girls desire the opportunity to have a future, and for most girls that begins with giving them access to education. If the western world was to put more pressure on and channel more funds to girls education, Africa would be a very different place.


Doris Mashego of Uta, South Africa May 6, 2009

Doris Mashego is from Uta, South Africa. She has raised 3 children as a single mother while managing the community’s nursery school and fulfilling her role as its headmaster and teacher. The story of a single, working mother of 3 has become common for our generation; however, Doris’ story is unique. Watch the video below to learn more!


A Forgotten Glass Ceiling: A Safe Drink of Water May 5, 2009

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Below is an excerpt from an article published by friends of SMRC at Water Advocates. Their argument focuses on the incredible burden that girls and women face in collecting water for their families.

There is a photograph that travelers inevitably take when they go to a developing country — a picture of a woman carrying a large container of water on her head. The woman’s posture is ramrod straight, the envy of runway models everywhere, and her face rarely betrays the amount of effort and strength this task involves. Most times this photo is taken because it is a stunning and moving image of a woman’s strength and beauty. Read the full article here.


Yacinta’s Story and CAMFED May 4, 2009

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Watch Yacinta’s Story.

CAMFED (Campaign for Female Education) was founded in 1993 by Ann Cotton. She has since built the organization to support 68,290 children in school. CAMFED works with groups of girls who encourage one another to stay in school, get jobs, start businesses and become leaders in their communities. The organization has implemented its program in more than 30 districts in Zimbabwe, Ghana, Zambia and Tanzania.