Tribute to Women

Student Movement of Real Change: Celebrating women around the world this Mother’s Day

Welcome April 20, 2009

school-day-2-327For the next ten days we will be highlighting women and mothers from across the world.   We will be posting links, personal stories, videos and testimonials here everyday for the next ten days before Mother’s Day.
We  invite you to take part in this special opportunity to pay a tribute to the women in your life and honor your mother this Mother’s Day.  Read, comment, post, watch, and join us here as we recognize women’s struggles and achievements.

One Response to “Welcome”

  1. Marta Carter Says:

    Mothers carry the torch throughout the world, we work hard physically and emotionally to make sure that our children are safe and well. Mothers are strong, determined, loving; we all have the same cares and worries no matter where we live and where we are from. I feel connected to all mothers around the world because I have experienced having a baby and the undescribable feeling I had once I saw their little faces, a mother falls in love in a way that it is impossible to describe; what a wonderful experience it is to be a mom.

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